Top 5 Most Famous Sandal Designs for Women

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Sandals are women’s one of the most favorite accessories and most of them have a huge variety of collections kept it in the closet with proper care. There are such different designs when it comes to sandals, and the innovation keeps on unleashing day by day as people become more creative gradually. Sandals are categorized into many according to where they could be worn. Some are formal; some are informal while others are semi-formal. The categorization makes it easier for women to shop as each are kept in different departments of a shoe store. Following are the top five most famous sandal designs for women:


An estimation of ninety nine percent women adores their collection of heels and keep on shopping for them more and more as the pleasure never follows the downward trend. The branded collection of heels with the use of leather has attracted a lot of women towards them. Even in heels, there is further categorized depending upon the heel size. Mostly there are classified as differences in inches of the heel, such as 3 inches, 4 inches, etc. Women truly believe that wearing heels instill confidence in them and they are able to stand up for themselves better. Most of the bridal women prefer wearing heels with ornaments on it to make their attire sensational.


For a beach or a summer vacation, flip flop is the way to walk around with ultimate comfort. They are available in different printed designs and are usually very colorful to add the impression of the vacation trip.


Flats are the most comfortable wear of all sandals. They can be worn very easily and do not need proper stature of the person for a better look. There are enormous numbers of designs made in flats. Some of the flats display excellent use of leather, prints, straps, ribbons, etc. They can be worn in the most informal places and since they are very comfy, people prefer most of the times. For example, for grocery shopping, a walk to the bank, universities, etc. Youngsters especially love flats as now they are designed in a way that would appeal to them. Elders prefer flats since heels might be uncomfortable for them and can cause adverse in walking. There are ancient Greek sandals which can be categorized under the design of the flats as their sales are flat but the upper design varies from the traditional flats.

Ankle cuffs:

Nowadays teenagers have been very thrilled about ankle cuff sandals. By the name of it, the display can be recognized, designs scrunch around the ankle acting as a cuff and holding the sandal together. There are beautiful designs in various branded stores and the collection uses different kinds of element to make it attractive.


Wedges are an enhancement of the heels which have been popular for a very long time. Although they are similar as they elevates the height of a person but are different in the design form. There is no pencil or heel separation from the sole rather it is made up of a sole in the form of a wedge. This makes the design of sole being thicker at the back and thinner from the front. The materials used for making the wedge are distinct but usually rubber is used. They are often termed as wedge-heeled-sandals and are famous amongst women because they give the sensation of heels and are much more comfortable in walking. Normally, they can contribute to the informal attire but if bows and other ornaments are attached to the wedges, they can be worn in semi-formal events as well. 

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Top 5 Most Famous Sandal Designs for Women

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Top 5 Most Famous Sandal Designs for Women

This article was published on 2013/05/23