Stiletto Heels Are The Ultimate High Heels

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If you love shoes, especially the ones with high heels, you must have stiletto heels in your collection. If you dont, you are surely missing something in life. These are amazing shoes made for women and their heels are very pointed. They are the ultimate in high heels. Almost all fashion conscious women have a fetish for these shoes and it is very natural to be in love with them as they look so amazing. They are manufactured in varying heights which can be as little as one inch and as high as 10 inches.

Good quality stilettos use steel at the base to give them the strength to bear the body weight. Wearing these high heels will make you look very attractive and will tell people that you are confident of yourself and your body. Men find women who wear stilettos to be very ravishing. This is the reason these high heels are so popular amongst women. The design of these shoes is extremely beautiful. These are extremely popular in all parts of the world. Thats the reason all big and small shoe companies manufacture stilettos. Even designers launch their collection of stilettos aimed at women who have high spending power. This footwear has such amazing flexibility that it can truly complement any dress you wear and make you look amazing. For example, if you wear these with short skirts, no other woman can match you in oomph and hotness. If you wear them with trousers, you will look the most well-dressed and confident woman at your workplace.

The list of what all you can wear with stilettos is endless as you can pretty much wear anything with them. They are manufactured in various designs, styles and in varying heights. You should opt for one that suits you the most and makes you look attractive. If you are a woman with a short height, you should opt for heels which are longer. If you are relatively tall and want to wear stilettos without looking any taller, you should go for stilettos which dont have very long heels. There is a word of caution here though. All those women who have some medical condition in their feet should not opt for this footwear. The reason is that it concentrates all body weight on a small area of the heel and hence can aggravate your condition. But all those women who dont have any such problem should definitely buy stiletto heels and wear them. Only after you start wearing these heels you will realize the incredible power they wield on men.

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Stiletto Heels Are The Ultimate High Heels

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This article was published on 2011/01/13