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Shoes are considered as one of the most vital fashion accessories for women. If you wear a gorgeous dress for your party whereas wear a shoe that completely mismatches with dress, you will definitely look odd. So, you always need to be very careful while choosing your shoes. In this case, high heel shoes are the best option. These shoes matches with almost all types of dresses, whether it is long dress for party wears, short skirts or jeans.

Women love wearing high heel shoes. These shoes have become the latest craze in the footwear industry. Almost all the brands design and manufacture high heels for women. You can get a lot of varieties, styles colours and sizes in high heels. So, you can be assured to get the heel of your choice, no matter what your foot size is.

Men also love watching women in high heels. The picture of a woman walking in heels and swaying her hips is a sight, which every man loves to watch. So, if you a woman who loves to attract men, definitely wear a pair of high heels matching with your dress.

There are several advantages of wearing a high-heeled shoe. A woman looks more pretty and feels more confident when wearing these heels. They help in boosting up the height of a woman. Thus heels are a great option for short woman to look taller. They give the legs a taller and slimmer look. Moreover when a woman walks in high heels, she looks much more sophisticated and elegant. Thus, shoes in high heels definitely add a new dimension to every womans personality.

Heeled shoes are available in different designs and shapes. Read below to know some of the most popular types of heels.

A cone shaped heel is a rounded heel, which goes broad where it meets sole and then again goes narrower at point of contact with ground
Kitten heels are slim and short heels. Its maximum height can be of 2 inches.
Prism heels are heels that have 3 flat sides and look very much like triangle.
A stiletto is one of the tallest and thinnest heels. These heels are minimum 2 inches tall.
Wedge heel uses all space under arch.

High heel shoes are normally worn at fancy places like bars, restaurants, weddings or any formal occasions. You will also see women wearing a high-heeled shoe in their offices. You can wear the heels almost anywhere until and unless you feel comfortable in it.

There are many women who are of the opinion that high heel shoes cause foot aches or backaches. This is true! But in this case, it is important to note that backaches and foot ache only happens to women who do not wear the right size footwear or do not walk in a proper way. Before buying a high-heeled shoe, always measure your foot to avoid buying the wrong size.

There are several online stores selling high-heeled shoes in varying designs, shapes, colours and sizes. Just remember to buy one from a reputed online store that offers quality and genuine footwear.
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Know More About High Heel Shoes

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This article was published on 2010/10/28