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Finding the right heels to wear isn't an exact science, as any woman will tell you. There are several factors, but personal taste is one of the major ones. High heels aren't all made the same, and of course, it also depends on the mood and the occasion. There are "sensible" heels, "cute" heels, "sexy" heels, "flirty" heels, etc. There is a pair of heels for virtually any occasion. The secret is to find the right pair that fits, not necessarily in terms of size but in terms of taste and occasion. Much like a pair of boring black shoes fit for work wouldn't get second look for a club atmosphere, it would look strange to wear a pair of 6-inch platforms to an office.

Most women have a love/hate relationship with high heels. They love the way they look on their feet, and how they make their legs look longer and sexier; however, they pay for that great appearance with cramped toes and sore feet. A happy balance between appearance and comfort seems to be the equilibrium most women strive for. But let's put that aside for a moment. If we're talking about pure aesthetics, then most heels fall in one of the four categories mentioned above.

The "sensible" high heels are the ones usually worn in the workplace. Unassuming and conservative, they're perfectly designed for the corporate setting. "Cute" heels are somewhat sensible and somewhat flirty. Many women like wearing "cute" heels to impress their friends. They're not overtly sexy, but still feminine-looking and not completely bland like the sensible ones. "Flirty" heels are a delicate combination of cute and sexy. They're worn on girls' nights out and other such occasions. Women wear them when they want to catch the eye of everyone in the room, but aren't necessarily trying to attract a potential date with their footwear. The last category includes the "sexy" heels: The shoes designed primarily for sexual attention. The platform stilettos that strippers often wear will definitely fall into this category.

When choosing your perfect pair of high heels, think about where you want to wear them, and what you want to wear them with. There are heels that go with just about any outfit, but then there are others that only work with certain colors or certain items of clothing. While most women have a mixture of all types of shoes, certain online stores cater to people wanting mostly cute, flirty, and sexy high heels, since the sensible ones can be found at virtually any store.
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High Heels - Find The Right Heels

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This article was published on 2011/01/29