High Heels Doctrine

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Wearing high heels is not only a personal choice, I do not know since when it becomes a symbol, a special flag. In this "ism" the era of rampant, high-heeled Nike Air Max 24-7 shoes also raised its own flag, a woman obsessed with high heels high heels are called doctrine.

Some people say that the beauty of a woman was first manifested in the face, then the language style of conversation, his hands, eventually landed on both feet. Small enough not to mention the slender, Yu Zhi Xin Jing Ning skin which makes the static beauty of swaying, light body that moves with the rhythm of the feet had people inviting endless beauty. Can reveal the pace of the beautiful or arbitrary, but also the performance of elegant or vulgar. High heels, the essence of Marxism is about women's strong pursuit of beauty. Swaying pace, stretch waist, pretty dance posture, twisting the hips, flowing hair ... ... the beauty of all women in high heels seem to have the backdrop of even more perfect.

So is not only beautiful but also external, outer beauty is a temptation, and the inner beauty is a kind of attractive. Often heard women say that wearing high heels all the people become more beautiful confident. So, too? High heels make women become self-confident, arrogant, and energetic. Impression that high heels are always a cheerful thing, Tap shoes are always with the sound and elegant modern woman walked the unique personality and charm attached. And comfort tranquility amongst the flat ballet shoes, different, more suitable for high heels to show a variety of feminine beauty, the same one pair of red high-heeled shoes with delicate fine can be elegant, but also can be a publicity rebellious, can be a powerful wild , the same can also be a sexy soft.

To understand a woman, please take a look at how her feet under a pair of shoes now! Because we can see from her taste, her virtue and her own life and understanding.
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High Heels Doctrine

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This article was published on 2011/02/22