Fashion of High Heels

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A woman, if she does not have a pair of high-heel shoes, just likes a sentence has no verb; high heels can make a woman alive completely, and also make her sexier. During change to woman from girl, females' shoe heels also change to more than five feet from one foot. And high heels are always one of important represents of fashion.The Most Attractive Gift of sexy costumes Are Put Into Market, Get one Piece!

To our surprise, it is man who wears high-heel shoes initially. Courteney Cox Advice You Helpful Trend Bible to Suit sexy lingerie In the end of sixteen century France, it is said that short stature Louis XIV wanted to make himself look more confident and majesty, he ordered shoemakers fixing four inches shoe heels on his shoes, and painting the high heels red to show his noble identity. How to Conquer It? cheap clubwear can Help You Make It! Maybe this is the original of Christian Louboutin red high heels. And in the seventeen century, high heels were beginning to be an important element of men and woman's fashion clothes. Last fifties, steel nail technology reformed high heels, designers designed the tapered heels, which are looked as cherish babies by modern women. When Marilyn Monroe put on the metal thin high-heel shoes, and became famous immediately, no wonder she said: "although I do not know who first invented high heels, all women should appropriate this, high heels give a great help to my career."

High-heel shoes are a kind of tools, which can make women show their upright and elegance, they are admired by woman among the world. The high heels are becoming thinner and thinner, higher and higher, once you put high-heel shoes, square your shoulder and prominent hip, they enhance the quality of female in vision, show your best body carve, and you will be more full of feminine. Because of the contrast of high-heel shoes, women's legs will be more sexy, women who are putting on high-heel shoes, seem to improve much beauty for the whole city, but most of men agree that nice legs match a pair of appropriate high-heel shoes, this can make them keep looking.

"I have to say, flat shoes are more comfortable, but the true thing is I am a woman, woman should own her own shoes, and obviously they are high heels." Fashion represent Amy's idol is Carrie in Sex and the City, she is a such delicacy and meticulous, in order to buy high heels, she can not even afford house rent, "She is just 158 cm, but she is so charming while puts on fashion clothes, because she owns high heels." Amy says.

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Fashion of High Heels

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This article was published on 2010/09/15