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Stiletto Heels may vary in length from 1 inch to 10 inches. Stiletto-style heels of 5 cm or shorter than 5 cm are called kitten heels. Solid steel or alloys are used in the stem of a real stiletto heel. They can make you look classy, ultra modern or ravishing depending on the pick you choose from the countless designs. While some heels come in plastic or polymer material, you can also pick up high heels in cork, hemp or rubber.

They are designed beautifully. There is countless number of designs and luxurious varieties available and they are the leading styles of shoes in modern times. They are pointed, very thin and sharp and one should be very careful while walking in these heels. The weight should be given on the ball of the foot while wearing stiletto heels.

A stiletto heel adds that extra life to the attire for any occasion. They come in various forms, thus providing many options to the end users. The various forms are boots stilettos, pump stilettos, metal stilettos etc. Some retro and classic styles are also available like fashion stiletto boots, stiletto fishnets. They have amazing designs and colors of heels which make you look gorgeous and a fashion icon. Depending on your need you can buy your desired pair of Stiletto Heels.

So women what are you waiting for, if you want that cool look then go for these stiletto heels and accessorize yourself for that feel good factor. Have fun with these heels as they provide neat designs, elegant materials an odd combination of cuts. So pamper yourself by buying these types of heels and feel like a celebrity.

But one should take great care when choosing a stiletto heel; one should be comfortable while walking in these types of heels. One should feel the shoe entirely before buying instead of going by its fancy appearance. Fashion can be hazardous at times if we run after it.

The stiletto heels can damage some types of floors. To prevent this heel protector also called covers, guards, or taps are used. In ballroom dancing or the floors having wooden flooring these heel protectors are used.

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Elegant Designs - Stiletto Heels

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This article was published on 2010/12/13