A Dream Never Be a Dream

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Women with temperament can't live without womens heels. The most common picture flows into our mind is that a successful woman tread her steadfast, elegant and charming walkways. We admire such kind women. We admire their intelligence. We admire their inner beauty that invisibly spread out and exert influences on the people around her. We admire their success. We admire their way of life. And we admire the way they walk wearing womens heels. And we wanna be them, we dream to be one of them. Well, step one, we must have the ability to control womens heels. We need to walk like them. The following are tips for walking in womens heels, high heels.

First practice, just stand in womens high heels, which have been regarded the forever fashion shoes for women. In front of a full length mirror, stand for a while, then turn slightly to each side. Not only will you be able to check your posture and profile, but the act of merely standing in high heels will help remove some of your apprehension, and let you get accustomed to the added height of the heel.

Take a few steps in your womens heels. If possible, do this at first on a hard floor (not too slick), or in a room with low carpeting, as really thick or padded carpeting can throw off your balance.

As you walk in high heels, remember to keep your legs straight and as close together as possible. With each step, point your feet as straight in front of you as you can. Start off with slow, determined steps at first, being extra conscientious of each step. As you build confidence and experience walking in high heels, it will become much more natural.

Continue walking back and forth across the room, turning different directions, and stopping without wobbling on your high heels. Once you're comfortable with this, try the same thing on different floor surfaces, and remember to start off slowly with each one.

When it comes to actually walking comfortably, practice, practice, practice. If you haven't ever worn high heels, or you are already comfortable in high heels, this sounds silly. But trust me, the first time you put them on, you'll see what I mean. Wearing high heels is a totally different walking experience, and if you take it for granted, you'll not only end up with sore feet, but possibly an injury. And, if you have a bad experience first time out, you'll be doomed to flats forever.


As you grow more confident in your abilities to walk, turn, and do all the other things you might need to do in high heels, you can move up to the height of shoe you'll be wearing on the day or night of your event - but remember to start slowly with each bit of added height. Jumping from two inch heels to four inch heels probably will not be quite as disorienting as your first step in any high heels, but it still will require patience and practice.

When wearing high heels on a staircase, always use the rail if it is available, or at least be close enough to a rail that you can reach it if you need to. When climbing steps, your entire shoe heel and sole should land firmly at once on each step.

If you know you'll be slow dancing in your high heels, you should practice side-to-side stepping, as well as turning slowing in your high heels before actually hitting the dance floor.

Womens heels on Topons from China manufacture have its unique oriental womens inner beauty that emboy their connotation, charming, elegance and subtle confidence. Start right now. Your dream never be a dream.

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A Dream Never Be a Dream

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A Dream Never Be a Dream

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This article was published on 2010/09/13